Waterborne Disease (Edema) Treatment

Waterborne Disease (Edema) Treatment1
The edema is a specific disease caused by some foreign cold virus that shows abnormality both in the outside visible signs and in the inside symptoms. This disease is developed through liquids accumulation in the cells, the tissues or the cavities of the body where the food and the gastric juices or gastric secretions) are getting mixed, resulting with bloating in the abdomen.

There are 3 types of edema: the dermal edema (conjunctive) that attacks the tissue and this is the most serious form of the edema, the second one is abdominal edema which can attack the liver among the other human organs, and the last one is the membrane edema-sometimes more familiar as a tympanic edema, which causes the abdominal bloating by the gas or air accumulation in the cavity of the intestine or the peritoneal cavity.

The diuretics and the laxative are the most provable cure for the edema. They ensure (allow) balanced intestinal functioning of the body and regular urinary release if there is need for it. Such a medical substances can be also found in the milk of the female camel during its cycle of pairing. In this period the milk of the camel becomes like a whey and serous (bloody) or diluted, lean and liquid (waterly), and the whey becomes a natural antitoxin (antidote) for the disease. Such a milk quality ensures the needed detergent (cleaner), a soft laxative, adequate swelling urine and regulation of the intestinal functioning.