Does dream interpretation can cause health problems…..
The cat in a dream is a symbol of a servant guard.

But the same might mean a crook among the house members.

The tomcat is sometimes a symbol of an evil woman who flatters and who makes noise, but it might be a symbol of anyone who is circulating around the man, who is guarding him, who is stealing from him and who is bringing him some use and inflicts harm, too. You’ll experience fraud by the person who serves you or you’ll become ill in case you dream a tomcat had bitten or scratched you. Some people who are examining the dreams consider that the tomcat is a symbol of illness with time duration of 1 year, and if the tomcat is wild-the illness is more difficult.

On the other hand you’ll spend a year in comfort and joy in case you dream a placid tomcat.

The wild tomcat can sometimes be a sign of some hard year which might bring both hardships and happiness.

In case some woman dreams a black tomcat thrust the head into the stomach of her husband, took something from there and ate it, this is a symbol that some crook is going to enter her husband’s store and steal money from there. The explanation for this is that the tomcat is a symbol of a crook, the stomach is a symbol of a treasury, and the tomcat’s eating from the stomach is sign for stealing. Some might even predict the sum of the stolen money.