Agrimony (Agrimonia Eupatoria) Liverwort, cockleburr, sticklewort

One of the names of this herb is King grass, and this is the only indicator showing the glorifying power of this healing herb. This healing herb has positive effect for people with throat and lip’s cavity inflammation, tonsillitis and sore throat and problems of mucous membrane inflammation. You don’t have to have some of these disruptions or diseases to drink the Agrimony. People with professions such as singing or rhetoricians should gurgle and wash their lips and throat with Agrimony tea as prevention.

The leaves of this herb have an extraordinary curing effect among people with anemia and wounds, rheumatism, the small of the back, digestion problems, liver cirrhosis and spleen diseases. These people should drink up to 2 cups of this tea per day.

Children with scrofulous disease should wash and shower every day in a water where added Agrimony extract.

Some people consider that if you drink the Agrimony tea for a certain while, 3 times a day per one cup you won’t have heart problems, or stomach or hose or lung problems, or kidney or urinary bladder problems anymore. The balsam made of this herb has a positive effect among people with varicose or shin bone wounds and the same applies as marigold balsam. For people with liver disease it is best if they take a mixture of 100 grams of Agrimony mixed with 100 grams of Galium woodruff and 100 grams of Galium verum – Lady’s Bedstraw. You need to drink one cup of this tea quickly, and during the day two more cups and drop by drop.


Tea preparation: a small spoon of this herb to be overflowing with a quarter liter of water and leave it to stay like that for a while.

Bath: you should take 200 grams of herbs for one batch.

Tea mixture against liver disease: proportional quantity of Agrimony, Galium verum – Lady’s Bedstraw and Galium Woodruff to be mixed. One small and full spoon to overflow with a quarter litre of water and leave it like that for a while.

Balsam preparation: full scatter of leaves cut into small slices, blossoms and tree-trunks to be mixed with 250 grams of grease (marigold cream).