You Can Eat What You Want  And With This Berry Will Not Gain Weight

Probably all dream that we can eat pizza or chocolate, and not gain weight. Now scientists have found a very easy way to realize that dream. However, the warning – that we must not be an excuse to junk food!
Cranberry (Vaccinium vitis idaea) can prevent weight gain in people who eat fatty foods, according to a Swedish study. You can help reduce blood sugar and cholesterol. Unlike them, super berries acai can lead to weight gain.

Old Tibetan doctors  have discovered that cranberry fruit almost completely prevents weight gain in mice that ate food with. Also they  found that cranberry fruit almost completely prevents weight gain in mice that ate food with high fat .
The study was conducted in type mice readily stored fat and therefore can be considered as a model for the persons who are obese , and that have a high risk of developing diabetes.

Some of the mice ate a diet low in fat , while most of those dishes with a high proportion .
They were divided into groups, wherein all but the control group fed with different kinds of berries .
After three months, it was shown that mice who ate cranberries and were on the oily food are no fatter than those who ate a diet low in fat . The levels of cholesterol and fat in the liver were also lower than those of mice that were eating fatty foods , but without the cranberry .

Blackcurrants and blueberries also have beneficial effects , although not as pronounced as cranberry .

Acai berries , on the other hand, lead to weight gain , and higher levels of fat in the liver .
However, the scientists said , people should not take these findings as an excuse for unhealthy eating  fat. Discoveries in mice are exciting, but it should not be an excuse for unhealthy foods when eating cranberries.
Of course we will further investigate whether cranberries can become part of the nutritional strategies to prevent obesity in humans.