Yoga Awakens the Joy

Modern studies have confirmed what practitioners of yoga have always  knew: that yoga improves the state of mind and body. One study showed that patients who used the therapy, stress reduction and relaxation in addition to the medication less frequently slipping back into depression compared to those who used the drugs only. Several studies  showed that patients who used deep-breathing exercises had significant improvements.

Deep breathing revitalize

Deep-breathing techniques are fundamental to the practice of yoga . When we learn to breathe slowly and deeply , we begin to bring a much larger amount of oxygen to our muscles and organs. Complete and deep exhalation cleanses the body as removed from the body toxins that build up in the bad state of body and mind . Focus on your breathing helps to focus the mind , which is a very important element in overcoming depression .
In addition to deep breathing exercises , yoga involves postures that improve the circulation of each part of the body . To promote physical health in many ways , including better functioning of the immune and nervous systems . Regular practice of yoga also improves digestion and the movement of the joints . In people who are chronically depressed , this is vitally important , because depression inhibits the functioning of many systems of the body . In addition to the process of revitalization of the body using yoga removed and any damage that is caused depression . When the body begins to heal physically , it becomes easier to overcome mental obstacles .
One of the perhaps greatest benefits of yoga is the ease with which results are achieved . Depression is characterized by the fact that ill person has difficulties  to practice normal activities . Even a few minutes of yoga exercise a day can have a positive effect , and to create incentives to make this a regular practice . How to improve mental clarity and physical energy , it becomes easier to practice yoga a bit longer.

Regular practice for better life
When we become depressed, often caught in a vicious circle from which it looks like we can not get out. By being focused and treat mental sphere and improves the functioning of the mind and body, yoga helps us to see the light at the end of the tunnel.
And of course, there is no need to wait for procedures depression that we practiced yoga. Regular practice of yoga and meditation to raise the quality of our entire life time which brings inner calm and joy. If every morning dedicate 15-20 minutes of your time to do  a few simple exercises of concentration and meditation on the breath, the whole day we will look brighter and more beautiful.