A great recipe against cold and cough ! – Take onion.

onion soup
The patient should take 1 onion with a size of lemon along with the shell and cut it in small pieces, and then fry it into oil mildly. Afterwards he/ she should overflow around half a liter of cold water and cook it until the onion gets boiled good. At the end some natural spice can be added in the soup  and mix it all well, then filter it and take it only as a clear liquid!

The patients can be assured that this soup has an extraordinary taste.

During the winter when is the season of flu there is no nothing best than a hot soup. The onion as a vegetable has many nourishing and heals acts. In case of cold, fever with high temperature cut onion in circles or pieces and is put on each leg (foot) and put feet in socks.

To reduce and stop the coughing beside the ancient recipe with onion pieces that cover the neck with a piece of bandage (wrapped the neck), here we recommend for you a recipe for naturally treacle (molasses) against sore throat, cough and tonsils inflammation.


-         500 gr sliced onion

-         250 gr honey

-         50 gr cloves

-         50 gr ginger

In a pot put the onion with cloves and ginger. 250 gram of honey is added. Let to boil on a low temperature for 25-30 minutes. Keep the pot closed all the time.

After 30 minutes take away from the cooker and squeeze treacle into a glass jar (cover) and put it in a dark place for 6 weeks. The dose for kids under 7 years is 1 small spoon, and for adults is 1 normal spoon.