Eliminate the Painful Wounds

skin wounds
Hypericum perforatum (or St. John’s wort as many people know this herb) is the best cure for people with painful wounds. They can use the tea made of this herb (just take one small and full spoon of the herb and overflow it with a quarter liter of water, and leave it for a short while), then oil made of this herb (by filling a small bottle with the freshly picked flowers of this herb and overflow them with high-quality olive oil, then close the bottle and leave it in the sun or someplace hot for a couple of weeks. When the oil gets reddish after a while you need to filter it and take the relicts out and then put the bottle some place dark, you can also use flaxseed instead olive oil for burns). The St. John’s wort tincture is also very helpful. The sitting bath made of St. John’s wort is strongly recommended.

Agrimonia eupatoria is the second magic herb that is strongly recommended for treatment of painful wounds. Mix quarter litre of water with one small but full spoon of this herb and leave them for a short while. The bath is also very helpful-just take 200 grams of this herb. As the balsam is concerned, take a bunch of this herb leaves, tree-trunks  and flowers, cut them in pieces and mix them with 250 grams of animal grease or marigold cream. You would be surprised by the effect gained from this folk medicine modes of treatment and you’ll learn to appreciate them much more than before.