Sage/ Garden Sage/ Common Sage/ Salvia Officinalis

One verse reads: Why a man has to die when sage grows in the garden?
This healing herb was highly respected, even centuries ago, and the people have considered it for very healing –and the Latin word Salvare  for this herb speaks that it means Curing, Healing.

The sage also known as Garden sage or Common Sage (Latin: Salvia Offcinalis) .
Another type, meadow sage (Salvia pratensis) grows on the slopes, meadows and similar places. From the meadow sage you can use the blossom, mainly just for throat gurgling or for producing vinegar-the same can be made if you put a bunch of  sage flowers in natural vinegar-that is put on the person who is ill and who lies in bed for a long time, since it has fresh effect.
sage meadow