Which are the Health Benefits of the Cucumber and How to Use it as a Natural Cure? Here are the Direction and the Receipt

The cucumber is one of the oldest and most favorite vegetables. As food the same was known 5000 years ago. The cucumber seeds are discovered that were used even among ancient people. First of all the cucumbers are meant for consumption, used in two shapes-either fresh or with some sourness.  Here we will briefly represent you all the healing attributes of the cucumber, as well as the ways and the apply of its use in healing purposes.

The cucumber is rich source most of all to the vitamins A, B1 and C, as well as a row of nutritional salts and minerals. The cucumber is the most efficient agent for excretion of water from the human system. That’s why it’s recommended in as bigger amounts as possible, especially as a fresh cucumber in order to treat diseases of the heart and kidneys, where the flow and the excretion are the key players.

The cucumber has special attribute of dissolution the urinary acid. A certain number of small rock and sand in the kidneys and stomach is most probably originating from the urinary acid, and the profuse and regular use of the fresh cucumbers will have an efficient influence on their dissolution. This is actually one of the easiest ways for their elimination.

The freshly squeezed cucumber juice which is not being salted (this is very important in this case) is effectively cleaning the human system and blood from excessive amounts of acid ingredients. This juice will also clean your intestines, kidneys, lungs and skin. The cucumber juice is efficiently cleaning the blood among young persons who have damaged skin and acnes, especially in the puberty period. Of course it is needed during the cucumber season to make huge quantity of juice (minimum 500 ml daily) and to drink it regularly. The cucumber juice in bigger amounts is recommended for women in menopause since it’s tested cure for rush of blood.
Cucumber juice
Another very useful way of using the cucumber is for skincare and treatment of some skin problems.  In case you have blackheads, ulcers, ringworms, small burns, sunny freckles on the face or the skin on the head or hands you can treat them successfully by rubbing the mentioned places with applying fresh cucumber juice. The juice is being rubbed and then left to get dry on those spots. The excretion and the inflammation processes on the skin are being successfully treated this way.

The procedure should be repeated each day until the skin is not cleansed completely. Among some people there is a tradition of using clean cucumber juice for strengthening and treatment of the eyes. You take a clean hanky or gauze and damp it in the clean juice, then lay down and on closed eyelids put the gauze, then leave it like that for 10 minutes. The procedure should be repeated each night before sleeping. The cucumber juice should be gained by using a completely washed cucumber and grind it with the crust into some machine, then filter it through linen towel or gauze. This juice doesn’t need to be salted, and in case you think the taste is insipidness and you use it form drink and not for the skin, you can add some clean carrot juice or celery juice or apple juice inside in order to improve the taste.

For some kidney or urinary bladder problems you can also use tea made of cucumber seeds. This is especially recommended in the period when there are no fresh cucumbers and that’s why it’s needed to collect them and dry them during their season. But remember to dry them some place on shade, not exposed to the sun, and this refers t bigger amount of seeds from bigger cucumbers.
The dried cucumbers seeds should be put into box and during the period when there are no cucumber you should prepare the tea, in portion 1 tea spoon of the seeds on 1 glass of hot water. The tea is consumed every day for all sorts of hardships with the urinary bladder and kidneys. The experts recommend the cucumber for regulation of the body weight, as well.

For this purpose when you’re hungry  just take cucumber in all shapes without fear that you’ll get surplus of pounds, and its juices and minerals will accelerate the metabolism. Besides the described recommendations, the experts also point out on the correct use of the cucumbers. The cucumber fruits are supposed to be collected and used when their crust starts becoming yellow. Then they are ripe. In case they are being collected and consumed not ripe then they are difficult for digestion, and the process of dilution lasts long, it might be even unpleasant, even painful for the human being.

It’s not recommended drinking huge amount of water after consuming salty cucumber salad since this might also cause some additional digestion problems. It’s important to underline that the salad and the juice made of cucumber should be used only fresh. It’s no good and it’s definitely harmful to the human health to prepare it earlier and then leave it like that for couple of hours or even days-no matter if it’s a word of salad or cucumber.

In the salad the best for the health and using its nutritive effects is to cut the cucumber on thin dicks and use them in combination with some fat, oils or sour cream, as well as along with an addition of some lemon juice. It’s not recommended combining the cucumber with the vinegar, pepper and fresh pepper. For the mentioned  positive health effects of the cucumbers you’ll need to use them in the season everyday and in bigger amounts.  The sour cucumbers has nice part of nutritive ingredients when they are fresh, but it’s not recommended for people with kidney or heart problems because of the big amount of salt which is inside them.