Throat Inflammation Treatment

Some of the best cures can be found in certain types of aloe (namely, the so-called Indian aloe). When your child has a throat inflammation or headache, you can use Indian aloe in the treatment put in fresh water.

When it is treated, the patient must be quiet for short time period and he will be justified for not talking. The others are explaining that the reason for such a condition is the ulcer that appears by the inflammation on the spot between the ear and the throat and it mostly hits the children. It is strongly recommended to be used snuffling the Indian aloe powder water because the blood that is being created is over saturated by the penetration of mucus, and the Indian aloe helps in drying uvula and enabling its withdrawal on the adequate place.

The symptoms also include painful and swollen uvula and tonsil, elongation and uvula dryness, hoarseness and sometimes a cold state that pollutes the blood with the mucus. From time to time the hot diseases might be treated with warm cures, by snuffling the Commiphora myrrha seed and an Indian aloe. The Indian aloe needed for this treatment is a sort of plant that produces white flowers and taste of sweetness. In the early times people were treating the throat inflammation and tonsillitis by pressing the uvula.

The mixture is in small pieces and made a powder from it, sifted and slightly moistened, and then left to get dried. When it is needed, such a mixture drown into water and inhaled through the nose can be done. The patient at this time must lie on the back with his head turned backwards by the help of a towel through the shoulders in order to enable the cure to be taken by sniffling and then to reach the brain, this way throwing the disease by sneezing.