Positive Sides Of the Fever

Sometimes the both short-term fevers and the traumatic fevers produce a biological use/benefit that can’t be reached by using any type of common drug. Some bacteria are causing the disease while other micro-bacterial systems and enzymes cause the fermentation (boiling) that helps in separation of the molecular complexes (i.e. the complex molecules) in the organic compounds.  Such fermentation is necessary for creation of the body proteins.

The one-day-fever that causes fatigue might also help to the body to develop the needed bacteria and enzyme that are difficult to be developed some other way. Nevertheless, the fever is very often useful for shady/blurry body secretions, helping in the paralysis treatment and dissolves and this way it soothes the opening of the paths that the common medicine can’t open or reach.

Other advantage that is produced by such a fever includes the benefits for the patients who have ophthalmia and trachoma of the chronic spasm and tonic spasm (contraction of the numerator and tonic contractions, among other. In certain cases the educated physicians and experienced doctors consider the cease of the fever as a good sign for recovery when the bacterial fermentation cause is treated with the “correct cure”. This tells us that the fever can sometimes guarantee us favorable terms for the drugs in order for the same to be better eliminated from the body.
Decree… cool it with water, can be also understood as the drug for short-term fever along with bathing the patient in a cold water or giving him to drink cold water or giving him to drink the cold water, and then the patient won’t ever ask for any additional treatment.

In such a situation, the acute condition will be extremely reduced and get cold through the contact with cold things, without causing some biological reactions in the body. Some experts can notice the usefulness of using the cold water against the up-coming short-term fever.

There are cases that confirm these conclusions, such as when a young and fat person with a healthy skin suffers of short-term fever caused by the extremely hot weather, with no evident painful inflammations or infections. The same can be soothed by taking a bath or swimming in a cold water.