Check out These More Than 50 Dreams in Which a Camel Appears

Dreaming a CAMEL entering a city with no equipment on itself, or the same walks the road where the other riding animals don’t go, is a symbol of clouds and rain. The person who dreams getting a camel should have in mind subduing over some powerful people. One camel is a symbol of a human. If we talk about racial (thoroughbred) camel, this is a symbol of a traveler, old man or some famous person. Sometimes the camel can be a symbol of the devil-because of the camel hump. Some experts also interpret dreaming a camel as a sign of death, because of her roar, her scary look and the fact that she goes on a long journey with the loving people. In several cases the camel is a symbol of some ignorant person.

And this is not all. The next meaning of dreaming a camel can be a symbol of an extremely patient and durable person. Since the camels are also known as “desert’s ships”, they can be also a symbol for ships. On the other hand, the camel can be a symbol of sorrow. If some person is ill and he dreams riding a camel and went on a journey, the message is that he’ll die, and in such case the camel is a symbol of the stretcher (coffin) and notoriety.

A sign of being in prison or getting ill is when some person dreams a camel that is not for riding and with no equipment (except he’s not dreaming riding it in the center of the city) or when he dreams riding a camel but she’s not moving, and this means some concern and sadness.

In case this is a dream of some rebel that raised against the ruler, or someone who intends to raise against the monarch, he’ll be caught and destroyed, especially if he has a clothing on him that outflows him. An exception can be made if the camel wears a stretcher, which can be understood as help coming from some important person or he’ll subdue this person. When some unmarried woman dreams riding a camel, she’ll get marry. If her husband is absent, he’ll return, except something in the dream points to some scandal/ shame-and she’ll be known for some shameful deed. When dreaming that a camel entered in some container with a spout or in some bag or some other dish, this means the spirit interferes in his affairs or in the affairs of any other family member or the servants which is an equivalent to the dreamed dish/ pot.