Vitamins and Minerals
Vitamin is a must in nutrition. Vitamin deficiency causes serious disorders and lowers the quality of life. Some dietitians listed the phases of life when we are likely to lack vitamins and supplements are imperative.

-Vitamin B6, B12, D and folic acid requirements are increased in individuals older than 65. (VITAMIN B6-Meat, Fish, VITAMIN B12-Eggs, Corned Beef, Turkey, VITAMIN D- Cod Liver Oil, Soy Products, Mushrooms, FOLIC ACID-Liver, Citrus & Citrus Juices, Fortified Cereals and Breads, Vegetables (spinach, asparagus, broccoli, beets and mustard greens), Beans , Legumes)

-Calcium, and vitamin D requirements are increased in women while in menopause. (CALCIUM- Chia Seeds, Sesame Seeds, Oranges & Lemons, Dried Fruits and Nuts)

-Those who cannot eat enough, whose daily calorie intake is low (less than 1000 calories a day) and those on a diet, cannot quite take the necessary vitamins with food.

- Vitamin C, B6 and folic acid requirements are increased in smokers.

- Thiamine (B1), folic acid, vitamin A, D and B12 requirements are increased in those who consume too much alcohol. (THIAMINE B1 Yeast, Dried milk, Enriched flour, Oatmeal, Brown rice, Sunflower seeds, Asparagus  VITAMIN A -Dried Apricots, Butternut Squash, Sweet Potatoes)

-  Demands for calcium, folic acid, biotin (VITAMIN H) and iron are increased in pregnant women. (Swiss chard, Carrots, Goat’s Milk and Cow’s Milk, onions, cucumbers, cauliflower)

- Vitamin requirement is increased in those who suffer from intestinal malabsorption due to intestinal diseases.