More than 30 symbols of dreams in which the cow is in the main role

COW is a pure symbol of the year.  It is a good sign when you dream a fat cow, rather than a skinny one since the fat one is a sign of fruitful year.
The second meaning of dreaming a cow is a wealthy woman, cash cow-meaning a useful woman, while a cow with horns is a grumpy/ spitfire woman. If you dream wishing to get milk from a cow but the same is pushing you away with the horn-this is a sign that your wife is grumpy towards you. A symbol that your woman is cheating on you is if you dream that some unknown man is milking your cow and the cow is not resisting. A possession with no use is when dreaming a cow with a big stomach. A symbol that your wife is carrying a child is when dreaming that the cow has a calf in the stomach. A female turpitude is manifested if dreaming losing a cow. Some experts in this field consider that a dream in which the cow has freckles on the head means fierceness at the start of the year, freckles in the middle body part is fierceness in the middle of the year and if dreaming freckles in the hinder body part is a symbol of fierceness in the end of the year.

When dreaming a peeled cow, be ready for some accident, referring some close relative. Half peeled cow is a sign for some accident if your sister of a daughter. Some accident connected to your wife is when dreaming quarter peeled cow, while dreaming some smaller part of cow meat is a sign for an accident of some other close relative. Some people even consider that eating cow milk in a dream is a sign of getting a property during the year since the cow is a symbol of the twelvemonth. On the other hand, the cow horns are a manifestation of a cropping/ fruitful year. In case you dream buying a fat cow, be prepared to getting the administration authority over some urban place. Some other interpretations regarding dreaming a cow is that you’ll get a property from some important person if dreaming you’ve got a cow, and in case you’re not married this is a sign you’ll get married to a blessed woman. You’ll get relieved from all your worries if dreaming riding a cow, bringing it to your home and bind it, and besides this, you’ll also get an abundance and joy. On the other hand, you’ll have worries from your closest family and closer relatives if dreaming you got stabbed with the cow’s horn, and you’ll have some loss, too. You’ll get to a huge possession but in a prohibited way in the year you dream a cow and having sex with her.