Interpretation Between  Dream and Health Condition-Tasting Food

Tasting food has always been interpreted differently. If you dream you’ve tasted something yummy and this looks tasty and nice to you, then it’s a sign you’ll get some relief and boon.

On the other hand, if you taste something bitter, then it’s a sign you’ll search for something you’ll be disturbed later.

If dreaming you’ve swollen hot and tough bite, then it’s a symbol of your life and support which are going to be bitter.

In case you dream eating something yummy, be prepared for nice life and nice life support.

When dreaming you’ve tasted something unfamiliar and the taste is not looking nice to you / doesn’t suit you this is a very bad symbol of death. You’ll live in poverty and fear in case dreaming you’ve tasted something which doesn’t seem neither yummy nor tasteless.

You’ll get a bad reputation in case you dream eating something smelly.

When dreaming you’ve out something with a pungent taste in the mouth, this is equal to tasting the pungent taste of hard life.

If dreaming you’ve something soft in your mouth, nice, dear and something that can be easily swollen be prepared to live a nice life and having an easy job.

In case you dream having a lot of food in your mouth, but yet there is a place for even the same quantity more, this means the things will get obfuscated and certain life period has already passed and there is still another life before ahead of him equally to the empty place in your mouth. On top of it, in case you’ve dreamed you’ve chewed and swallowed the food, nothing is going to happen to you, and if the opposite happen-be prepared for death.

If dreaming you clean your teeth with the tongue, this means you’re a kind hearted person.

Dreaming whiskers/ hairs in food bite is a symbol of worry, grief and hardship.

When you dream licking fingers you’ll get some insignificant food use/ benefit.

You’ll have and an abundant life, in case you dream you drink the food as it’s a water.