What Should You Know Regarding a Rhino and Mongoose in Your Dreams?
The Rhino rhinoceros
The Rhino/ rhinoceros (Dicerorhinus sumatrensis) is a symbol of a significant and familiar monarch to whom no one wants to confront.
The Rhino rhinoceros1
In case you dream milking a rhino, you’ll get some forbidden property from a famous monarch, and if you dream riding the rhino you’ll subordinate some ruler. A small rhino is a symbol of man with scarce wisdom who is ruining himself by working, and losing the reputation among the other people by such actions.

A Mongoose is an animal which destroys snakes. In case you dream a mongoose, you’ll steal hens.

Let me Show You the Symbolism When Dreaming a Hippopotamus
hippopotamus kids
When dreaming HIPPOPOTAMUS, always be aware-this is a symbol of some liar, or some deal that won’t be finished.
hippopotamus kids1