What Are Your Attributes and How You Need to Consume Food According to Your Blood Group?

In case you want to live healthy without tiredness, surplus of the pounds or problems with the digestion i.e. overall health then you need to adjust the food to your blood group. It is considered that each one of us should listen to this advice and adjust our nutrition and the physical activity to our own blood group in order to feel fine, having adequate weight and be healthy.

Here are the basic characteristics of people from each blood group, the sort of food they should use or avoid, as well as physical activity suitable for each blood group. If applying these rules and directions, you will very soon reach the adequate weight, while all the tiredness, lethargy and exhaustion will disappear, along with this you’ll get completely improved health condition.

The blood group O-the Hunter:

People with this blood group (actually the first blood group) are the successors of the hunter-collector that mainly leaned on the nutrition consisted of animal proteins.
The way you are: you are known for your leadership abilities, energy and the focus. People with the zero blood group are considered for responsible, determined, organized, objective and practical.
The recommended food: beef, lamb and sheep meat, as well as venison meat, veal, mackerel, sardine, trout, broccoli, garlic, onion, dandelion, red pepper, spinach olive oil, flax seed oil, figs, plums, cherries, pineapple, nuts, pumpkin seed.
These people should avoid: all sorts of milk products and eggs (digestion problems), all wheat products especially the bread, beans and legumes since they also disrupt the digestion process, all sorts of brassicas such as cabbage, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, shock, ham, coffee, alcohol drinks and soda beverages.
For body weight increasing these people better take wheat gluten, beans, corn, lentils, cauliflower and cabbage.  For losing their weight loss these people should take sea algae, sea food, red meat, liver, kale, spinach and broccoli.
As the exercises are concerned, the physical activity is very important for his group, as well as regular exercises for keeping the good form. All sorts of activities that cause lot of sweating are recommended, such as running, walking, riding a bicycle, swimming, weight lifting etc.

The blood group A-Breeder:

When people from the first blood group O started missing food they started leaning on the agricultural food and extended the food on half-vegetarian. People from this group have digestive enzymes and bacteria  needed for cooking the corn and herbs that is actually a problem for the other blood groups.
The way you are: While all others around you het panicked, you stay calm. People from this blood group are responsible, big workers and strongly organized. Most of all they are art oriented and most sensitive of all the blood groups, striving to success and perfection, they have a tendency of stress.
The recommended food for these people is: all sorts of berries especially the blackberries, blueberry, plums, apples, avocado, pears and peaches.  From vegetables the experts especially recommend broccoli, artichoke, carrots, all greens and garlic. The fish and the chicken can be used moderately and especially useful for consumption are carp, mackerel, salmon, trout and codfish. The needed proteins should be gained from the walnut fruits, seeds, beans and soy, peanuts and pumpkin seeds. Biggest amount of the noodles except the wheat ones, the flex and the olive oil are also recommended.
Things there people should avoid are: all sorts of meat except chicken and turkey which is allowed from time to time, squids, lobster, hake, milky products especially butter and cheese, beans sugar, caffeine and alcohol, corn oil and sesame oil. Don’t skip the breakfast.
For increasing the weight you need to take meat, milky products, peas and wheat.
For losing the weight take soy, fruits, pineapple and herbal oil.
Exercises: having in mind the tendency to stress, these people might choose something that calms them down such as yoga, meditation or walks.

The blood group B-Nomad:

This blood group; appeared in the history scale when people from the first blood group moved in the eastern parts of the world, in the high mountain ranges, consuming meat and milky products. Modern people of this blood group are especially oriented to meat and milky products.
The way you are: you are dedicated to the projects that like you, always sticking to the goals-even if the same is against all others around you. You always follow your own rules. But you pay more attention to your thought rather than your feelings and that’s why you look like cold person.
Recommended food for these people: biggest number of different sorts of meat especially the lamb meat, sheep meat, venison, fish, vegetables, beans, fruits and especially bananas, grape, prunes, pineapple, milky products and olive oil.
You’d better avoid: moderateness in corn, avoiding buckwheat, corn and wheat since they might slow down the metabolism. Also avoid love apple, chicken and lentils, as well as ham, bacon, peanuts, sunflower seeds, hazelnut and sesame seeds.
For increasing the body weight take: corn, lentil, sesame, peanuts, buckwheat and wheat.
For losing the body weight take: green vegetables, meat, eggs and liver. As the exercises are concerned, have in mind that keeping the balance between mind and body is the key.
Do exercises which embrace both of these elements, such as tennis, mountain climbing, bicycle riding etc.

The blood group AB-the Enigma-

This is the youngest and the most rare group and less than 5% of the entire human population has this blood group.  Since this group has both the attributes from the group A and the group B, thus these people are put in the position of digesting a wide range of different sorts of food. People from this group should have been oriented. People from this group should’ve been oriented to a vegetarian food, sea food and turkey meat. The red meat should be consumed just from time to time. They are especially keen on milky products and eggs.

The way you are: you go from one extremeness to another one. You are passion regarding your considerations, but at the same time you want to be liked to the others and you get into conflict because of these two things. You have the tendency of helping other people. You love the art and the metaphysical.
Recommended food for these people is: vegetable especially the onion, cole, potato, different sorts of carbohydrates and noodles. All sorts of fish and especially the salmon, tuna, sardine, lamb meat, sheep meat, turkey meat, milky products, olive oil, fruits and especially cherries, grape, watermelon, lemon, figs, walnuts and peanuts are also included.
The things you need to avoid: you are allowed to enjoy in the carbohydrates moderate, and you must avoid corn and buckwheat, as well as all sorts of meat which are prepared on smoke or salted. Caffeine and alcohol must be avoided, too-especially if you are under some stress. Avoid butter, ice cream and full-fatty milk as well.
For increasing the body weight take: red meat, beans, corn, seeds, buckwheat and wheat.
For losing the body weight take: sea food, milky products, green vegetables, algae and pineapple.
When talking about the exercises you need to keep the balance in the regime between the calming activities such as yoga and meditation from one side, and physical activities such as running and bicycle riding from the other. Don’t sit too much, and if you nevertheless must do it because of the job you’re working make breaks with different short exercises.