Use the healing power and the health blessing of the roses! Here’s the direction!

The eternal inspiration of beauty and aroma, the rose originates from Eastern parts of the world and that’s how it was worldwide spread and started being breed. There are even 7 thousand different sorts of roses in the world, did you know this?  But besides its beauty and nice aroma, rose has healing attributes, too. These attributes are not so well-known, unfortunately. For the garden or May’s roses the healing part of this herb represent the petals. They are aromatic with mild taste, and they are used in the folk medicine in the middle ages and there are many ways to use the rose petals actually. Here the experts are describing just two of them which are most common, and they are tea made of dried petals and rose syrup.

The rose petals applied for syrup are being picked up only on sunny weather and that’s how they should be dried.  The tea is being prepared from one full soup spoon of dried rose petals on a cup of hot water. There are several receipts for preparing the syrup, but almost all the experts recommend the one made on natural basis and the same doesn’t need cooking the petals or sugar.

The syrup should be done this way: take 33.8 oz (1 liter) of water, cook it and get it cold. Then add coffee spoon of apple cider vinegar in the water, then stir it all up and with this water overflow petal with 50 roses. Stir it well ad leave it like that for 5 days. Then filter it and after that add 2 pounds (1 kg) of meadow honey in this liquid.

Stir it all and your rose syrup is prepared, you can take it each morning and each evening-take it in small glass of brandy or you can dilute the same amount into a glass of water and drink it. This way used the rose petals in the tea or in the syrup is beneficial for blood purification. Except this, the rose petals are also recommended for improvement of the regular stool, girls and women with excessive menstruation, frequent headaches and faints.

The syrup is especially effective for heart and nerves strengthening. The experts underline the tea and the syrup efficiency on the nerve system, as well as the stress consequences, depression, tiredness and insomnia. It is also recommended for people who have problems with gall bladder and liver since the regular use of the tea or the syrup has positive effect on liver cleansing , as well as the bile and the kidneys. The rose petals are full of vitamins, most of all with A,C and E, as well as biflavonoids and  lots of other useful and healing minerals and substances. Their apply is also important for strengthening the immune system, digestion improvement, having effect on the inflammatory process and regulation of bacteria condition of the human system. It is interesting to mention that there are many examples of health usefulness of this cure all around the world. Besides the fact that this syrup or tea has strong useful and healing attributes, the same have very pleasant aroma and taste, which is adorable for consumption.