Treatment of lichen

Today, the markets have many creams that say they can cure eczema on the skin, but the healing never happens. How to treat these lichens in a natural and safe way?

First: while we are in the sauna (or steam bath time), on the affected area should be applied Henna powder and a mixture prepared of salt, calcium and boron, and massage it for fifteen minutes.

Second: grind the celandine and cook it in apple cider vinegar (twenty grams celandine simmered in fifty milliliters of vinegar). The affected person should apply it once a day.

Third: the place where the lichens are, can be exposed to the sun in the morning or when the sun is mild. Thereafter, on the affected place apply a apple cider vinegar in which the licorice is cooked.

Fourth: take a hundred grams of wild carrot and fifty grams  teaspoon (branches overhanging, name of plants type of plant), and mix it. Take a half of a teaspoon of the mixture with honey and water in the morning and evening.