Treatment for fissured hair

On the markets we can find products that are made ​​from different oils. Does that affect on the fissuring of the hair?

It is well known that the markets sell many products made from different types of oil, some of them are good, because they are strained in a proper way, while some are harmful, because they are rancid. When we talk about oil mix, we think only of those that are useful. To solve the problem with fissured hair first the split ends of the hair should be cut, then on the root and the ends of the hair we apply one of the following preparations:

• Create a mixture of oil watercress (arugula), sweet almond oil, coconut oil and oil of saffron, then stir it in equal proportions;

• Create a mixture of olive oil, saffron oil and almond oil in equal proportions. Then, into the mixture, put ten grams of daffodils, ten grams of pumpkin and ten grams of Indian figs. Everything is well cooked, drained and applied to the root and at the ends of the hair.