Treatment for baldness

Hair loss is a disease that attacks the human scalp in almost all stages of life and sometimes it is very difficult to treat. What, then, is the effective treatment of this disease?

First: the affected person should designate the bald spots and rub them with olive oil in which we grind pieces of garlic. This is done by mixing two tablespoons of olive oil with four finely grinded pieces of garlic which are previously peeled.

Second: take equal amount of black pepper, ginger and black seed, and all of this is finely grinded  and cook it in half a cup of  apple cider  vinegar. Apply it to the bald spots twice a day.

Third: the bald spot is smeared with honey but first is well-massaged with grinded mustard plant.

Fourth: mix the grinded aloe and vinegar. Put five grams of aloe in ten milliliters of vinegar. This is well mixed and applied on the bald place.