Treating skin ulcers

Ulcers occur in all parts of the body and cause many problems and pains. What is it, in fact, an ulcer? How can someone get it? Why does it cause some serious health problems and diseases? How it can be removed?

The real ulcer causes hydatidiform bacteria that settle in the scratches (damage) of the skin where there are active sweat glands and glands which secrete grease that protects the skin. Then, the body sends white blood cells to fight bacteria, causing an abscess.

As far as the health problems and diseases that occur as a result of an ulcer, they occur when the bacteria from an ulcer goes through the bloodstream and poisons the blood. It is dangerous when the ulcer is located near the mouth or nose, because the harmful bacteria can be transmitted even in the brain. The underarm, upper thigh (groin) and breasts are considered as places in which the ulcer is dangerous in the case of a woman who is breastfeeding.

To prevent this problem, and to prevent the occurrence of ulcers and heal them, we can use warm compresses. This will have the effect the ulcer to appear on the surface of the skin where it can dry out (drain) and heal in a short time. When you notice the first sign of an abscess, start putting coverings that can be made of several warmed, wetted and finely minced wheat grains that are applied to the ulcer and left like that for 20-30 minutes, three or four times a day. The ulcer will be healed in five to seven days.

There are other ways of treating ulcers that are practiced among the people: on the ulcer apply slices (rings) of roasted tomatoes, fresh onion rings, garlic, outer leaves of cabbage, a little Indian tea, etc.