The normal hair care differs a little from the grease and dry hair care. It should be washed once in a 7-10 days. The shampoos applied to dry hair types are most suitable. Very useful supplements such as  cone hops, sweet flag root, vitamins and amino acids, tincture henna and  tea extract etc. are the most suitable for this hair type.
Regarding the schedule for washing the head, it is like this: moisten the hair with hot water, put a small quantity of shampoo in a bowl, make a good foam and then wash the head. Do this twice, and then wash the hair well.
Add vinegar, a juice from half a lemon or a pinch of citric acid in the last water. After washing the head, lay in bed with  wet hair. This is useful for the hair.
It is very useful to wash the hair with a solution made of 1 spoon of mustard put in 2 liters of water. Three spoons of mustard powder diluted in a hot water to the consistence of sour cream, then rub it in the head skin and wash it off. The hair should be washed with the following tea:  day and night use St. John’s wort and plantain-per 1 spoon from each, parboil it with 2 liters of hot water, leave it like this for 20-30 minutes covered and then filter it.

Fermented milk products (yoghurt, kefir, koumiss). They strengthen the hair root and give a glow to the hair. The hair should be thick greased to the root, rub it a little on the skin, cover the head with polyethylene and leave it for 20-30 minutes and then wash it with water without  soap. If the hair smells like a sour milk later on, the same should be washed with water adding a small quantity of mustard in it.

Parsley. Mild in a mortar or grind 1 spoon of the parsley fruits, add 1 spoon of ethyl alcohol and mix well with

 2 spoons of castor oil. You should rub the gained mixture in the head skin every day. You need to do 15 treatments. This strengthens the hair and stimulates its growth.
Lemon. In order for the hairdo to stand better, if you have a curly hair you should  moisten it with a lemon juice.
Beer. You should wash the hair with a beer diluted in water in a proportion 1:1.