Detox Your Body and Mind from Drug Addiction

All too many people fall prey to the powerful allure of drugs. Whether they be prescription pain killers, alcohol or some other form of substance, they all can have deleterious effects on the mind and body. Regaining composure and breaking the addiction can be hard, but staying clean after the fact is the real challenge. In the short-term, you owe it to yourself to do all you can to maximise your chances for success. Sometimes, in-house treatment, detox and rehab from a drug treatment centre, such as The Lakehouse Recovery Center, is needed, but in some cases, an at-home regimen can also be effective. Below, we will discuss three at-home ways that you can turn your home into a residential drug treatment facility by detoxing both your body and mind from addiction.

Drink Water and Eat Citrus

Your body begins to work hard to expel all of the toxins and built-up substances in your body once you finally decide to break the addiction; it can use all the help it can get. In almost every case, the use of water and citrus to help speed up this process is sound advice. Many drug treatment centres will make a constant inclusion of water into patients’ diets a part of any detox program. Water can help more rapidly remove toxins from the liver, blood and body fat, and we recommend that you ingest approximately 100 ounces of water per day during the first two weeks of any detox regimen when beating addiction. Citrus (particularly lemon and grapefruit juices) can augment this effect, but be careful with using the latter if you are on any medications; grapefruit and oranges can interact unpredictably and sometimes violently with prescribed medicines.

Get Plenty of Exercise

In some severe cases, exercise may not be possible due to excessive fatigue associated with withdrawals. In most cases, however, exercise can be a powerful ally in the fight against addiction. Not only does exercise release endorphins that can make the body and mind feel better and happier, but exercise will also stimulate key parts of the body into acting faster on metabolising and removing these pollutants. Residential drug treatment facilities often recommend exercise because it will speed up the removal of toxins by the kidneys and liver, and will also help expel additional toxins through your sweat. Plus, it’s always good to have a healthy activity that can temporarily take your mind off of things!

Additional Remedies

Several other dietary additions can provide documented benefit in most or all cases of drug withdrawal and detox. Many people use seaweed as a way to absorb remaining drug remnants and expel them more quickly; sodium alginate is the active component of seaweed and can bind to most toxins and drugs via your digestive tract. Ginger is another helpful way to combat toxins, as it will increase sweating and help remove toxins through your skin. Many people recommend dandelion flower as well, as the active ingredient in them will increase bile production and help the natural process of detox move along at a faster rate.