This magic plant, along with celery, carrot and radish is the perfect combination in the fight against cancer and leukemia

What you should know about The official medicine And the alternative medicine

beet root

The official doctors and medical workers are wrong when they attack some of the methods used by the alternative medicine that saved so many patients’ lives till now, or improved their living doing everything possible to give a positive note in their living.

We are all witnesses of many scientific researches regarding the cancer (all types of cancer) and extremely high amount of money was (and still is) being invested in reaching some new discovery regarding this a lot of times incurable disease. The money is not an object if the positive results were accomplished. Unfortunately although a lot of money and human resources have been invested in many such programs and projects, they were useless. Although these patients (especially those e\who have cancer or leukemia) can’t be saved, besides the surgeries, radium treatments and chemotherapies. A lot of times these patients must accept amputation of their arms, legs, breasts etc.

The alternative medicine –especially the special fasting therapy (36 days), compared to the official medicine ways of treatment of cancer or leukemia -costs far less, and even an arm or leg amputation costs more than this (not to mention the chemotherapies etc.). The patients are put on many surgeries, then metastasis are discovered and all that happens several times until the patients dies one day.

The official doctors, but the media (TV or newspapers and different magazines) had been leading an anti-campaign, and a lot of patients that wanted to start, for ex., the special fasting treatment(36 days), gave up and ended sad and unhappy fought down by the cancer or leukemia. How it is possible for the beet-root to cause cancer? These statements and allegations are nonsense. This magic plant, along with celery, carrot and radish is the perfect combination in the fight against cancer and leukemia, and this is proved for so many times till now.

It is a fact that all the plants have nitrates in them. Even the human system produces the nitrate. The nitrate is not dangerous, but the nitrite. There is a huge difference among them. For ex, the vegetarians who enter huge nitrate quantities into their system are much healthier than the other people. The beet juice is healthy and we all know that!