Experience The Thrill of the Miracle Caused by the Juice

The wheat grass originates from the family of sweet grasses. The number of them is huge, more than 6000. Even our ancient ancestors knew the significance of this plant for the human life and for the human system as well. Many of them were focused on agronomy/ agriculture of wheat manufacturing as their main source of activity, their main occupation. The people from the East were using the wheat grass for making their system stronger, and they knew that this is the best choice for purifying the blood and if some person has inflammation problems in his body system.

And not just in ancient times, the wheat grass is present even today, among the believers, for example the Christmas table can’t be imagined without this detail. The wheatgrass along with the candle in the middle of the table is the symbol of the health and the prosperity in every Ortodox family. And not only on Christmas, but during Easter holidays as well, the wheatgrass is put in the middle of the table along with the Easter eggs. It is very familiar to all of us that the herbivores are using the wheat grass if they feel lack of vitamins and other nutritional elements in their system. The truth is that the same has been full not just with a lot of vitamins so necessary for our system, but with minerals, lipoids, hormones and chlorophyll. On the other hand it is well known that the chlorophyll has all kinds of healing characteristics: the same clears and regenerates the cells, makes disinfection of the wounds and injuries, the same filters the water from the fluoride and other toxic elements. If you have itching problems you are strongly recommended to use the juice from this magic plant, and also if you have acne problems this is the best choice, the wheatgrass juice heals the infected or diseased mouth, throat or sinuses, digestion organs and the breathing organs. It is proved that this magic plant has an extraordinary positive effect and protects people from radiation, helping him in the fight against cancer and other diseases. The most prosperous and developed nations and people in the world are using the wheat grass every day, in their food or drinks, no difference. It is believed that the one who wants to stay healthy or to be cured from some illness must take wheat grass juice several times a day, strongly recommended quantity of the same is 3 to 5 teaspoons. Thus people who consume 2 to 3 plates of raw and organically cultivated vegetables can replace this with only one teaspoon of a dried wheat grass-the effect will be the same, since the wheatgrass has the same nutritive value as this mentioned quantity of vegetables.