Honey and Herbal Tea Therapy Lasting 10 Weeks Only
Are you fond of honey? Do you know that it is a word of an ingredient which can stay unspoiled for 1000 years staying in perfect shape if being packed appropriately? Its healing effect on the human system is mostly referred to the antibacterial attribute and the attribute of human system cleansing. The honey has formic acid inside which has the power to destroy the harmful microorganisms and this way it has antibacterial effect.  Besides this, honey  feeds and strengthens the human system, making it resistant to the illnesses.

The honey is being easily processed, it has impact on creating new blood and it strengthens significantly the human immunity system. Here is recommended some therapy consisted of honey and herbal tea which is people’s cure for many different diseases and cleansing the human system, but it is nevertheless recommended to all the people to stick to it as described.

Biggest number of modern people nowadays has some health problem, most of the facing with chronic tiredness, exhaustion, tired of stress, bad nutrition, anemia. Therefore they would like to regenerate and “refresh” somehow their own health and shape. That’s why this is an ideal therapy.

During 0 weeks you need to drink this cure 3 times a day in sips (not all at once).

Take half a glass (100 ml) of the herbal tea which is consisted of per half tea spoon or bag of yarrow- Achilea milefolium and chamomile.

The tea should be consumed an hour before breakfast, lunch and dinner, and in the mild tea you must add the following amounts of honey:
1 st week take half a spoon of honey and stir it in each small cup of the tea,
2 nd week take whole tea spoon of honey and stir it in each cup of the tea,
3 rd week take 1,5 tea spoon of honey and stir it in each cup of tea,
4 th to the 7th week take 2 tea spoons of honey and stir them in each tea cup, 
8th week take whole tea spoon of honey and mix it in each tea spoon.
9th week take a whole tea spoon of honey and stir it in each tea cup,
10th week take half a tea spoon of honey and mix it in each tea cup.

It is the best to prepare the entire amount of the tea in the morning and then add the entire amount of honey, then drink the morning dose and the rest should be kept in a thermos, and then drink as described previously in the afternoon and in the evening.

The therapy of human system cleansing with honey and herbal tea will bring you evident improvement of the general health system-but only if you follow the instructions and stick to them. It is also recommended that during the therapy you mustn’t use too much meat, alcohol and of course don’t smoke if you can take it. The combination of honey and the tea is invented for purifying the human system and at the same time it’s aim is to transfer the best ingredients of the honey on the perfect way that suits the human body and drawing the best ingredients. According to many people this therapy helps for conditions and curing numerous illnesses when neither one other conventional one can’t help. And this one is very simple for performance.