The Vaporizers in 2018 – Technological Advancement

Portable Vaporizers versus Desktop Vaporizers: 2018

If you’re new to the vaping scene, however, it can be a little on the confusing side.  Not all vaporizers are created equally, and indeed, many serve very different functions, utilize different vaporization methods, and require different forms of tobacco to work properly.  This guide should help you understand what’s available so that you can make the best portable and/or desktop vaporizer choice for yourself.

There are so many different iterations of vaporizers. Some are for use with concentrate while others are designed for dry herb or wax. Some can be used with multiple cannabis forms, some are strictly specialized.  But the vaporizers in 2018 have really improved since the older models. Some use conduction while others use convection. Some have rechargeable batteries, others plug into a wall.  So, if you’re in the market for a vaporizer, there are a lot of different things to consider.  However, the first decision you need to make is whether you’re looking for a portable, hand-held vaporizer or a desktop model.

What Makes Vaporizers Different?

When it comes to consuming the compounds in psychoactive plants, whether that plant is tobacco, marijuana, or some other herb, the most traditional method has historically been smoking the plant. That is, the plant matter is set on fire, combusted, and the resulting smoke is inhaled.  While this method is certainly effective, it has a number of downsides.  It’s a smelly process, and difficult to manage discreetly.  Also, there are issues with inhaling smoke, regardless of the plant.  Smoke isn’t particularly efficient at delivering the compounds you want without delivering a lot of other products of combustion that can negatively affect your body.

That’s what sets vaporizers apart.  While vaporizers also use heat to activate and deliver the compounds you’re after, they do not cause the material you’re vaping to actually combust. That is, there’s no actual fire involved. And that means you get to avoid those nasty products of combustion.

The Difference Between Portable and Desktop Vaporizers

The biggest difference you’ll notice between portable and desktop is the most obvious: size.  Desktop vaporizers are, of course, larger. They’re not designed to be slipped into a purse or a pocket. Instead, they’re designed to be essentially stationary. They have large, stable bases and come in a variety of shapes. More often than not, they are powered by a wall plug.

Portable vaporizers, on the other hand, are conveniently sized and shaped to be effective handheld devices. They may have a simple, tube shaped design, or they may be designed to look like other every day objects for discreet use.

Pros and Cons of Desktop and Portable Vaporizers

If you have the opportunity to see both a portable and desktop vaporizer in action, you’ll notice that size and portability aren’t the only differences between these two types of devices. Aside from the obvious differences in portability, there are other reasons to choose one over the other depending upon your needs.


Because desktop vaporizers plug directly into a power source (usually), they have a strong, stable power supply.  This means they tend to be more capable of creating the sustained, stable heat that is necessary for a satisfying and predictable vape.  Portable vaporizer batteries vary in quality, and while some are more dependable than others, it’s difficult to compete with a wall outlet.


Portable vaporizers have one big pro: they’re portable. They’re small and sleek and you don’t need a backpack to carry one or an outlet to use one.  But all of the additional size and weight you see in a desktop vaporizer gets put to use, too—which is why they often have more refined temperature controls and options.

Social Use

On the one hand, desktop vaporizers are typically better designed for sharing in a social situation. Multiple mouth pieces and a variety of intake options make them a hit at parties… as long as you’re partying at your own home, of course. Portable vaporizers are more personal, but their portability itself makes them perfect for situations in which a desktop vaporizer simply isn’t practical. For example, they’re great for camping and hiking trips, traveling, etc.

In the end, which is right for you will depend on your particular needs. Many enthusiastic vapors have at least one of each, and enjoy the best of both worlds!

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