The Use of Flowers in the Treatment

Flowers in the Therapy 2
Treatment with flowers is carried out in several ways: floral scents inhalation of uplifting, soothing tea to drink, relaxing massage oil, floral or enabling gentle energy flower essences to act on the innermost feelings .

Essential oils extracted from flowers a powerful effect on the mental and emotional states. Inhalation of its vapors can act relaxing, invigorating or a way to lift the mood of a person. One way of inhalation is that the fragrance be easily put on a few drops of the pillow over night. However, in order to have greater control over therapy, which is more durable, it is necessary to use a candle holder for essential oils. In addition to the above methods, essential oils can be added to a warm bath, a few drops, or diluted through massage applied to the skin.

Flower teas
Flower teas are used for medicinal purposes for many years. Lavender , hyssop and thyme are used to relieve the symptoms of colds , while chamomile and linden flower used for insomnia. Regardless of the features , the smell of those teas is sufficient for it to be enjoyed.

Flower tonic
Plants acting on the nervous system and a powerful effect on the body . They are known as a tonic for the nerves , a refreshing and nourish the entire nervous system . Invigorating tonics include thyme , sage and wormwood .

Flower essences
Natural flower remedies do not work on the organ in our body , such as heart, liver or lung disease, and removal if these organs were affected , but drugs work on the mental and emotional state of a person . We can draw a parallel with the music and said that flower essences can give a man a sense of satisfaction , fulfillment and happiness , just as it does the music you listen to . Some people still use the term ‘ vibrational medicine ‘ to make an analogy between music and flowers made ​​clearer.