The shoes with high heels are the reason not just for the tiredness but for the pain and the bone deformation as well.

The walking in un-natural position exposes the tiptoes on un-natural pressure and bending, which leads to tiredness in our legs. When you get home, after the exhausting walk in high heels shoes, eliminate the tiredness from the legs not allowing him to become general tiredness by doing the next workouts:

Workout 1: You would feel much easier if you put the legs on a pillow before sleep.
legs on a pillow
Workout 2: Massage the active point that is located on the back side of the leg, at the middle of the topknot. The massage should be done with the thumbs. This exercise is good for tiredness elimination from the legs and the swollen topknots. This point is also important for strengthening the breathing organs .

swollen topknots
Workout 3: Hitting the active point that is located in the soles. Several times hitting the soles with fists is used from ancient times for tiredness elimination.
hitting the soles