Prepare for cleansing, nourishment and hydration of the skin

cleaner face

The face must be cleansed once a day because of hygienic and aesthetic reasons. When you use soap for washing the skin can easily be dried and losing fats.

That is why it is better if you use lotion or cream for cleansing. An exception can be made when the face has acnes or very greasy skin. The lotion can be used for hydration and cleansing of the face and neck. The lotion also makes disinfection; it causes better circulation and causes natural acid reaction of the skin thanks to the extract of herbs.

The skin should be rubbed by cotton tampons with circular motions. The procedure of washing needs a certain level of caution. The sweaty face needs to be washed only with hot water. It must not be washed with cold water during the summer heat. In this case it would be better if the face is being washed with hot water without soap. You should never put too much water on your face, or example in a bucket full of water. The exceeded washing is not recommended. The rough water is not good for washing. It is also not good if you go out right after you’ve washed since the wind makes the face rough and causes the phenomenon of partial dandruff. You can go out half an hour after washing. The sap washing is recommended only when it is really necessary. It is better if you use green cosmetics.