Does dreaming of Hyena can cause …..? 

hyena (2)
The Hyena is a symbol of an evil, ugly, stupid old woman who is doing black magic (most often between man and woman, in order not to have sex or not to stand each other).

In case you dream riding or having in possession this animal, you’ll get a wife with these characteristics.

In case you dream aiming at her with an arrow, you’ll start talking and correspondence with such a woman.

You’ll vilify her in case you’re aiming her with a rock or with a rifle.

In case you stab her with some weapon, you’ll prick her.

You’ll criticize her in case you dream punching it with a saber.

In case you eat her meat you’ll be under the black magic but you’ll manage to get by and recover.

In case you drink her milk, you’ll be deceived and cheated.

A symbol of possession is the hyena’s hairs, skin and bones. A male hyena is a symbol of a tyrant enemy who is making traps and intrigues. You’ll get possession in case you dream riding male hyenas. The male hyenas is also a symbol of person who gives a promise first, but later on he leaves alone without giving you the promised help. The hyena can also be a symbol of woman from a low gender.