The Safe Way To Do the Contagious Diseases Treatment (Plague, Ebola etc.)

An advice for all the people that heard for presence of certain contagious disease (plague, ebola etc.) in some country: don’t go there. The opposite goes for the example when you’re already in such a country (just temporarily staying or living there permanently)-which means: don’t run away from there.  The contagious disease is a contagious disease which is also deadly one, especially if we talk about the bubonic plague. Such a contagious disease in the medicine represents a fatal inflammation indeed, accompanied with an accelerated sweating, with expressed and unbearable pains. Such an inflammation becomes a malignant and seems to affect the zones of the green or the black, and the urinating need becomes pretty painful.

The plague is very often appearing on three spots: in the underarms, on the earlobes and on the lumpy cluster of flesh or any other soft tissue.

According to the doctors, when such a contagious appears on the lumpy clusters of flesh, behind the earlobes or ears and produces poison (pestilence, epidemic) that is nesting, then it is called plague. In certain cases the plague and the epidemic are understood or treated as the same disease. Such a disease is caused by the blood decay (putrefacere) that produces some bad smell of something rotten, while sometimes it can be mixed with bloody fester. When the contagious blood gets to the heart, it causes faster heartbeats, nausea and vomiting that can become deadly, especially the type that creates the lobular glands. The body is mainly throwing out such glands, and the only parts that accept them are weak (attacked) parts.