Take one moment and turn these discoveries about the advantages of the honey in your favor

honey (1)
There is huge usefulness/benefit inside the honey. The same is used as an eluent/rinse agent and a laxative. It contains cleaning and invigorating elements that clean the artery and the intestine from the filth. It eliminates the liver blockage, the kidneys and the urinate bladder.  At the same time it is a common preservative, helping to be kept the strength of the cures among the other natural medical preparations. The honey also helps in ceasing the ingress of moisture into the intestine such as the diarrhea is. The honey is even better than the sugar in many cases, and less sweet, but stronger. If the same is consumed excessively it can be harmful for the bile if the same is not mixed with vinegar.

The honey is good for older people, since the same stops the cough, and it is also used for curing the unclean (corrupted) mucus in the stomach and warms (making soft and flexible the entire body structure. The honey is also very often used against the faulty drive to an excessive eating (appetite), and when it is taken as a beverage mixed with hot water and husk made of fresh roses it also helps in the treatment of rabies. It is also established that it effects as a defense system against further infections.

The honey is also used as an antidote (detoxifier) for those who use drugs and as an antitoxin (half-antidote) in curing of the poisoning from certain herbs eaten accidently from the family of Hyoscyamus niger or poisonous mushrooms, among other.

When it is consumed as a beverage mixed with hot water, it helps as a cure for wounds got by dog biting. The honey when used as a preservative can preserve the meat for 3 months and the same is used in pickling cucumbers, pumpkins, eggplants and different types of fruits for 6 months. Known as a “confidential conservative”, the honey is also used as the main substance for embalming the dead people.

Applying natural honey through the hair such as the oil is can heal the lice as well as other parasites. It might be used as a hair conditioner, air freshener and for hair growth improvement.

Using the honey as an oil for the eyes can sharpen the vision while rubbing the teeth with the honey can bring us to their whitening. When the honey is used as an agent for washing the mouth out, it makes the gauge stronger and eliminates the gauge diseases. The natural elements of the honey make it excellent supplementation and solvent, opening the pores of the blood vessels, making the menstruation easier, dislodge mucus and opens the obstructive liver, kidney and urinary bladder. The honey is also familiar as something that has a high nutritional value, and it’s above all the beverages, above all the sweeteners, above all the oils. There is no other food that is equal to the honey regarding its value and nothing is even close to it regarding its structure.

The honey was familiar to the people in ancient times, even before they’ve started to refine the sugar. Form these ancient times we only have letters and documents that the doctors were just talking about the honey, never mentioning the sugar.

Known as a high metabolic (caloric) food, strong and encouraging, the sugar is not completely dissolvable, and the products with reduced thermal energy in the body can be reduced quickly. Such quickly assembled (gained) energy is let by the body that has disrupted the balance of the insoluble molecules with the hard functioning/ work, and the reconstruction of the inside artery walls that are suffering from abrasion caused by the molecule passage in the blood (blood supply). The sugar is harder for the stomach and less sweet compared to the honey, as well as weaker than the honey. Any person who eats honey at least three times a month won’t have some serious or complex disease. In certain determined and specific case the reason for the constipation and suffering was coming from the excessive food consumption and the appetite that cause dyspepsia (weak indigestion condition) and indigestion obstacles.

The water solution with added honey in it-such a warm drink can help the intestines to open up will help in lowering the tone intestine and helping the excretion of the waste (feces). Since this clogging (constipation) is caused by excessive eating for a longer period of time, the stomach interior was coated with the taste of the mucus or some fatty thing that then caused heaviness of stomach tissue and ceasing the secretion of the substances that caused the heaviness of the stomach tissues and stopping the secretion, and the stomach had like velvet lining with short, thick and lifted hairs (strands) same as on the towel. When such a viscous substance adheres to the inside, the same is like an obstruction (barrier) for the normal digestive cycle and spoils the food (throwing it away). Therefore taking the natural flushing and the laxatives (the opening agents) such as the honey is, at the same time is the best cure among all the other drugs, especially if the same is mixed with hot water. On the other hand, the medical purpose for repeating the treatment has an important therapeutic value according to which the “right cure” must have exactly determined quantity and quality in order to be effective. When there is lack of cure in satisfaction of such conditions, the same won’t have any effect.