The nails are composed of keratin, a protein of which consists mainly and skin and hair
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Daily nails grow 0.1 mm. So that the nails on the hand takes about 6 months to grow from root to tip, a nail in the foot as much as a year.
Healthy nails are smooth, firm and consistent color. The appearance of the nails can be an indicator of your overall health. The nails and surrounding skin may become infected by fungi and bacteria.

Did you know that the cuticle is actually a bacterial or fungal infection  folds of skin with a fingernail. Of these nails become softer, lose color and thicken. Nails often changes color with long-term smokers, but with the very frequent use of nail polish. We can help your nails yourself, first of all proper and quality nutrition.

Anemia due to iron deficiency may cause pallor of the nails, which become thin, brittle and wrinkled.
If you notice the nails and white spots nails often you shoot, then surely you have a zinc deficiency. To solve this problem take the supplemental foods, particularly rich in these minerals such as nuts and root vegetables.
Expert for cracked nails vitamin A that you’ll find in carrotsfish and milk. If the diet does not solve this problem, be sure to consider taking extra fish oil.
Because they are beautiful and manicured nails beautiful decoration of our hands thinking about what tomorrow will add to your daily menu.