The Perfect Taste of the Traditional Baklava With Sour Cherry

baklava with cherry
The ingredients needed for preparing this sweet pastry are as following:

500 grams  (17.6oz ) of layers/flour crusts,
3 soup spoons  of semolina,
500 grams (17.6oz ) of sour cherries and
250 grams (8.8oz ) of butter.

The forcemeat/stuffing should be made of the following ingredients:
3 eggs,
250 grams (8.8oz ) of sugar,
1 glass (200ml (6.8 us fl oz) with salad oil,
1 sour cream (200 grams (7oz )),
1 vanilla sugar and
1 pastry powder.

The special liquid SERBET made of sugar and water must include the following in its preparation:
3 glasses  (600ml (20.3us fl oz) with sugar,
1,5 glass  (300 ml (10 us fl oz) with water,
1 vanilla sugar and
half squeezed lemon.
The preparation is made this way:
The eggs should be mixed with the sugar, and then the salad oil is added, as well as the sour cream, the pastry powder and the vanilla sugar. It must be all mixed well until you get uniform mash. The pan where the baklava will be cooked should be lubricated with salad oil. You put two layers, then you put the forcemeat/stuffing, and then you add one layer and oiling with the stuffing. This procedure must be repeated until half of the layers are spent. Afterwards you put the sour cherries, then sprinkle them with the grist, and then repeat the entire procedure once again (one layer, and then put the stuffing).

After you pile the baklava, you should cut it into pieces.  The butter must be melted on the fire and then you sprinkle the baklava with it. You need to roast it for 15 minutes on 250 degrees, and after the baklava gets reddish, the temperature is reduced to 150 degrees, and you need to broil it for one hour or 1,5 hour.

After the special liquid SERBET made of sugar and water gets boiled, you need to overflow the baklava while still hot. It’s the best thing to leave it like that for one day, and then serve it.