wounds by Bullet
A specific preparation made of
honey and whale liver oil can be used for healing the festered/ purulent and scabbing wounds. The cream made of honey and whale liver oil increases the level of glutamine which can be found in the wound secretion and which plays an important role in the oxidation and the deoxidization process in the human system. The same also promotes the cell growth and their dividing. This is the secret of quick wounds healing by using the magical gift from heaven, the honey.

Honey had been already used for treatment of wounds provoked by rifle bullets. Results that can be achieved are excellent regarding the speed of healing and the course of the recovery.

There is another preparation that can be successfully used when talking about healing wounds for which some antibiotics were necessary to be used. This preparation can be made by the patient, too. He/ s she should take 80 grams of honey bee, 20 grams of whale liver oil, as well as Xeroform/ also called Bismuth Tribromophenate (which can be found in the drugstores).

The preparation method of this cure is very easy and simple. Just take the Xeroform and put it into a pot and warm it along with the honey, and then add whale liver oil. All this must be mixed well until it becomes liquid. Besides the main purpose, this cure can be also very useful and help reduce the pain and achieving rapid renewal of tissues at diverse types of wounds.