The Miracle Potion Which Melts Stones in the Kidneys

The Success is Guaranteed According to Numerous experiences


1 chicken gizzard’s tissue
20 oz (600 ml) beer

In rural areas of the Balkans, many people live in villages where they use the benefits of nature and medical treatment with natural remedies. In that part people, do not have problems with stones in the kidneys since one father reached to an unbelievable discovery.

After passing a series of difficult periods in the hospital searching for a cure for his daughter that consistently had problems with stones, crashing  the same with laser, surgeries, many medicines and still nothing helped .

By studying for this, he reached to a discovery that cut of his daughter’s trials and tribulations. The chicken’s gizzard is inlaid with tough inner lining that melts the stones and send, which the hen is entering   in her stomach (gizzard) everyday.

That underline yellow tissue is the cure that cannot be discarded by any means. The gizzard (stomach) of the chicken has to be removed and cleaned. Then, that thin tissue has to be removed and leaved for couple of days to dry. The drying process should not take place directly under the sun but in a dark and dry place. When the process is done the tissue is tougher than usual and than it has to be crushed into dust like particles.
The dust like tissue has to be placed in 20 oz (600 ml) beer (which also helps with kidney stones). The cure has to be taken 3 times daily, 6.8 oz (200 ml) each time. It has to be taken 10 days in a 2 month period. The check up will be an eye opener. This cure has been thought by Anita Matlijoska from Macedonia, who also had this problem and used the cure. See the pictures below for pictorial illustration.

 Anita says: “I lost all my hope but I’ve tried this potion, because I’ve got nothing to lose. The results of the check up were amazing. I was surprised. Since then I’m drinking this potion preventively, because there is nothing harmful, on the other hand it’s useful and healthy. “


The chicken (hen or rooster) has to be from village farms (organic) not the ones which are fed up with artificial food in the factory farms.