What you should know about the dreams with pigs?

Domestic pig (Sus scrofa domesticus or Sus domesticus ) is a symbol of person who lives in abundance, earning on a corrupted way and who has a corrupted faith. You’ll get a regimen in case you dream keeping pigs. You’ll get a forbidden possession in case you dream having a pig, putting the pig someplace or even tie it.
Pig’s younglings or their milk-if dreaming you drink it, is a symbol of losing the possession or losing the mind. You’ll defeat the enemies or you’ll get an authority in case you dream riding a pig. In case you dream walking the same way as the pig walks be prepared to gain the thing you want most in no time.

When dreaming boiled or roasted pork, you’ll get a forbidden possession soon.
In case you dream a pig is in your bed, you’ll prick a woman.
In case you dream drinking from a golden cup from which a pig drinks along with you, in case you’re king the golden cup represents the concubine/lover, and the pig is a symbol of someone who pretends to be a woman.

Wild boar/ wild pig
is a symbol of an immensely rich man with corrupted faith, person who earns on an ugly way, who has a dirty property, person who is unbeliever, armed to the teeth and who is a bounder/ vulgarian.  The meat, the suet/ lard, the hairs, the womb and the skin from the boar is a symbol of forbidden and scorned possession.