The Wonders of Water

Water is the component of life, the king of drinks and water may be considered the base of existence.
Water is cold and humid. It abates excess heat, preserves the body’s natural level of humidity, helps the body replace otherwise absorbed or decomposed substances, thins dissolves food, and hence, allows its benefits into the veins.

Cold fresh water is particularly healthier, more pleasing, and has a distinct aesthetic taste, but cold water should not drink on an empty stomach, or after sexual intercourse, or immediately after waking up from a deep sleep, or after taking a hot bath, or even after eating a fruit. However, cold water can be consumed after a meal or with a meal if it is necessary, but then it has to be a little sip, not gulp or drink intensively. In this way, cold water does not cause any harm, instead, it strengthens the stomach, increases sexual desire and assuage thirst.
cold water