The lips are indicator of character, mood, age, even health condition

One good observer can tell a lot while analyzing the lips: regarding his character, mood, age, even his health condition.

The lips are extremely sensitive thanks to the presence of many neural endings. They have an important sexual significance, and if they blush of excitement they give a sign to the opposite sex subject.

A lot of experts think that the perfect form of the lips is when they are not too thick nor too thin, and when the Amour arc on the upper lips is more expressed, while there is moderate bloating, naturally clean contours and moderate rose color. Some people also consider that the thin lips are sign for vigorous, but also hidden and bad character. On the other hand people with thick and wide lips tend to have peaceful and carefree character. The small mouth and pursed lips are indicators for sophisticated and sensual people, while the tightly packed lip corners relaxed down can be met among people that are pessimists.

The lips are really changing as time goes by, they lose the natural color, becoming dull, and some wrinkles around the lips can be found. But this sad moment can be delayed, if you put some big and real efforts. You can cause positive effect if you lubricate the lips with rose, and every night after washing your teeth it is the best to massage the lips and the gauges with the previously cleaned toothbrush. This is recommended since the same stimulates the circulation of the lips and keeps the natural freshness.

The lips usually get dried out and get chapped when it’s cold (since the cold weather ceases the regular circulation). The best option to stop this is using a lipstick, since the same  makes a protection layer not letting the lips to get cold too much, helping in preserving the moisten.

The lips can be also dried and chapped out if people are constantly licking them. Nevertheless, the lip condition depends on some other factors as well: starting from the sun rays and wind, then lack of vitamins in the system, especially the vitamins A, C and B, as well as low-quality creams can cause this condition of the lips.

If some cracks appear on the lips, or if some rash appears in the lip angles, and the down lip gets thick as years go by, then those are the strongest indicators for chronic pathology of the gastrointestinal tract. In these cases you must go to a doctor for an expert’s opinion.