Battle Against Cancer

green tea
When the patient uses the below mentioned these, he mustn’t add sugar in them, but he must drink them without any sugar.

Sage tea

For preparation of this tea you would need 1 flat spoon of this herb and half a liter of boiled water. Mix them along and leave them in the fire for 3 minutes, then put them away, and then add 1 coffee spoon of St. John’s wort, mint and lemon balm (Melissa officinalis) in it. After this you should leave all this covered for 10 minutes, or just 3 minutes for those patients for whom the tea is bitter.

For the liquid applied for washing out the throat you should take 1 sage leaf and parboil it with hot water, then leave them for 10 minutes. The recommended quantity is 1 coffee spoon of the sage on 1 cup of water. This liquid is very important for patients that need to wash their throat out since there are many essential oils that are very important, and the same mustn’t be inside the drinking tea. That is why the same must be cooked for exactly 3 minutes. After this time period, the oil disappears, and during this time a very significant ferment is being released. The same is very important for all our glands, spinal cord and the discs. In this sense, and from these reasons, the sage tea should be drunk literally every day, during the entire life. If we all drink it every day, then the odds we get sick from any illness is minor, or almost impossible.

For the patients that still feel bitter taste when drinking the tea, the sage relicts can be removed before mixing the mash with the other pointed herbs instead the same stays in the water for 10 minutes more.

People who want to live longer should drink the sage tea every day.