The Importance of Good Foot Care

Most of us look after our health. We watch what we eat, exercise and look out for symptoms of disease.

However, there is one area of our body that we tend to neglect and that is our feet. It is only when we start to have trouble with our feet that we realize our mistake and decide to take better care of them.


Here we look at why foot care is important for your general health.

Spot problems early

Looking after your feet can help you to spot issues that may affect your health in the long term at an early stage. For example, the development of bunions can be spotted before they begin to cause pain. If spotted early the development of bunions can be arrested, and, to a certain extent, reversed. This can stop you from having to undergo surgery when you are older.

A healthier musculoskeletal system

Painful feet stop you from walking and standing properly. Over time, this leads to problems with the rest of your body. The way you walk affects the way your bones and muscles align. If you have bad posture when you walk and stand because your body is compensating for painful feet, your muscles and bones will deform and other health issues can develop.

Stay mobile for longer

If you have good feet, exercise is easier. You need your feet for the vast majority of cardio vascular exercises. Hard skin and infections can make your feet painful and mean that you take less exercise. Over time that means that you will become unfit earlier and, therefore, could lose your mobility at an earlier age.

Protect yourself and others from infections

Fungal nail infections are an issue. It is easy to lose a nail. In some cases, the nail becomes deformed and may need to be surgically removed. By visiting a podiatrist, you are ensuring that these types of infections are spotted early and effectively treated.

This is important for others as well as you. Many fungal foot infections and veruca are commutable. The longer you leave yours untreated the more likely it is that you will pass them onto someone else.

No smelly feet

By using a podiatrist on a regular basis and looking after your feet, you reduce the problem of smelly feet. This means that your shoes and other footwear are less likely to need throwing away because they are smelly.

Finding a good podiatrist

To take care of your feet all you need to do is to visit a good podiatrist on a regular basis. The Northwich Foot Clinic is a good example of a firm that can take care of all aspects of foot health.  At this clinic podiatrists work in tandem with physiotherapists, acupuncturists and reflexologists to help people with their foot health. If a client’s foot issues have adversely affected the muscles in their feet, legs, hip and spine. This means that the podiatrists in that clinic can refer the patient to the physiotherapist who can treat the damage done and restore them to full health.

If you have not seen a podiatrist for a while pick up the phone or go online and book yourself an appointment today.