Elixir for the heart-receipt

eliksir 1
The elixir for the heart receipt accomplished a huge success among people with heart illnesses and therefore it is always used in the everyday practice.

10 fresh tree-trunks of parsley along with the leaves need to be put in a liter of pure natural wine and add 2 big spoons of pure wine vinegar. This should be boiled for 10 minutes on a mild fire (be careful, it froths). Afterwards you need to add 300 grams of bee’s honey and leave it to cook on a mild fire for 4 minutes more. The hot wine for heart needs to be filtered and while it is still hot to be put into a bottle which has previously been washed with a strong alcohol. You must close it well! The sediment that appears can’t do any damage and it can be drunk as well. It is the wish of the patient whether he should cook the honey or not.

There is no difference which kind of wine you take, black or white, all the same. It is very important to be natural. But everyone should follow the guidelines: the honey must be added to the wine after the first cooking and the same needs to be cooked all together with the rest substances. Be free to cook the wine for heart with parsley and honey.

For people that feel stabbing in the heart (caused by the weather change or any other disturbance or trill take one, two, three or even more full big spoons of this drink a day. You can’t do any harm by it. You can only help yourself, and one day even cure forever from any illness in the basic stadium or heart afflictions or heart disruption, or even very complex heart illness, even people with a weak heart (for just 2 months use).