Pericarditis -Waterborne Heart Disease

There are two strongly recommended wonder herbs that are used as cure for people with waterborne heart disease. The first is corn silk (Zea mays ). The tea made of corn is very effective among people with this disease. The same should be drunk with no sugar. The same is easy to be fixed. Take a quarter liter of boiled water and add 1 full and small spoon of the corn silk in it. The same should be left like that for a while then.

The Yellow dead nettle (Lamium galeobdolon yellow archangel) is the other best cure for people with the waterborne heart disease. The flowers and the leaves of this herb are strongly recommended for people with this kind of disease. For the tea preparation, you should take a quarter liter of cold water and add a small but full spoon of the herb, then leave it for a brief while. As the tea mixture is concerned, mix equal quantities of this herb with the Galium woodruf and goldenrod Solidago virgaurea. You should take one spoon of this tea mixture and add it into 250 ml of water.