Why the food we are eating now is full of toxins and unhealthy?

Many people with advance points of view are convinced that the future in front of us is reserved for the food built on an ecologically healthy basis. That is why there is a consideration that this kind of food will become the leader industrial branch in the next centuries.
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Why the food we are eating now is full of toxins and unhealthy?

While living in the era of the greatest technologies, we are trying to produce as much food as possible. Lead by accomplishing this goal, we are using different types of agro-technical means. That is why we are entering all these toxins into our system, and not just that. We are doing harm to the animals around us, giving them the food which is also full of toxins. And then he came to the point when he started realizing the entire situation, and turned himself into the biological healthy food in order to keep his body cleansed of toxins.

All of us should avoid the food and foodstuff that are bad for our health and system, putting it in danger. Instead useless foodstuff, we need to consume simple but biologically high-valued foodstuff that is giving the most important substances to our system.

Our life depends on the food we eat. The better and healthier food we eat, the longer we live. On the contrary, we are shortening our life completely aware of the bad consequences for our health and our life in general. We must focus on the natural nutrition, with proper combination and quantity. We can consume sweets, yogurt, cheese, and fried food but only in small quantities, while food such as fruits, salads and soups should be consumed in much bigger quantities.

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We must only when we feel hunger, when all the taken food is ready to be digested. All the food that is taken additionally and which is not necessary can’t be degraded in our system and the same becomes toxic.

The meat is such kind of food that rots faster than all the other foodstuff, hits reproduction of the toxic bacteria, and the acidophilus bacteria can be almost destroyed for good. The toxic protein side-products can get into the bloodstream and then they are causing a lot of problems. The protein value of the herbal food is very often equal or sometimes even higher than those of the meat or the animal products.

A simple example is the fact that the protein value of 100 grams different foodstuff is as follows:

The yolk has 13,7 protein value; the soybean grain 43,2; the fish has 21,5; the naut/ bar clover has 24,6; the lamb’ s meat has 18,5, and the peanuts have 26,7.

Beside a lot of us think that the albumen consumption is very important, this is wrong thinking. We would be surprised how many problems can cause us the exceeded consumption of albumens in our system. Namely, a lot of amino acids are being produced in our body. Our body produces 13 of the total 22 amino acids, while the rest can be produced by the herbal food.

The natural substances are the best and the most recommended the human health and growth. On one hand they have strong healing elements, and on the other hand they are easily being degraded into our system.

Many experts in this field, nutritionists but other people as well recommend us to start our breakfast with fresh fruits, and our lunch to start with a salad on the table. The salad is strongly recommended from the simple fact that it stimulates the stomach functioning and the same secretes the juice, so necessary for our system.