Herbs that are useful during wound healing and recovery period after illness

Healing wounds 2
The ashes produced by the reed’s matting has strong agglutination effects consequences) for accumulation along with the blood cells and in ceasing the blood flowing. Such powders are highly acceptable (strongly blottering and highly absorbing) and less irritating for the wounds.

On the other side, putting strong absorbents and not-permanent antiseptics on the wounds might raise the blood stirring, increasing its swelling. The use of the dry powder made of papyrus as a powder or its mixing with apple cider vinegar might stop the nose bleeding, and its use as an antiseptic (antiseptic agent) is also mentioned referring the fresh wounds sterilization and blood clotting. The herb from which the papyrus is usually made was used as a writing material. The papyrus plant is cold and dry indeed and the same is useful for healing wounds in cases of gangrene (gangrenous wounds) in the mouth as an agent against the blood clotting (as a coagulants) and for cease of extension of the malignant ulcers.

Certain herbs are rich in vitamins and minerals and can quickly absorb and heal the wounds. It is believed that some plants help to maintain the energy in the body and natural inner strength, which, of course, allow quick healing. This kind of effect has the water from the barley. Take one cup of barley, put it in six cups of water and cook it for 10 minutes. The pan is then left for 15 minutes so the barley can release some juice. Strain the water from the barley and drink it. The barley water helps people with wound healing, and is useful for people who are recovering from an illness.

Remedies for relieving the pain
cats claw
From the plants that alleviate the pain we should mention the cat’s claw. This plant is characterized by its calming effect and also relieves the pain, improves and nourishes the nerves. Prepare a tea of buds and flowers of the cat’s claw, and take a small amount in the morning and evening, before meals (breakfast and dinner).