Wheat germ oil for a healthy sex life

wheat germs oil
Wheat germ oil is rich in vitamin E and other precious ingredients. This oil is suitable for both men and women, a well-known cases where the oil wheat germ cause ovulation in women and increase sperm count in men, all in people with premature sterility.
Even before science proved the beneficial effect of wheat germ on human health, farmers used them as freshly milled grains with sprouts and gave stallions and other animals in order to increase fertility.
Doctors even prescribe vitamin E derived from wheat germ oil, in cases of miscarriage, premature birth or infertility patients.

Vitamin E and Pregnancy

In case of loss of a fetus before the sixth month of pregnancy, talking about abortion. If a loss occurs between the sixth and ninth month of pregnancy, then talk about premature birth. Doctors who have studied the effect of vitamin E from wheat germ oil show its very beneficial effects on human health and the reproductive organs. Vitamin E helps patients who bled and suffered severe pain. Also, Vitamin E significantly reduced the risk of abortion, or the risk of premature birth. Raw wheat germ oil and wheat germ are also good sources of B complex.

The difference between the natural vitamin E oil and wheat germ

Vitamin E , obtained from wheat germ oil is different from the pure vitamin E as wheat germ oil contains , in addition to vitamin E , and other important nutrients such as natural proteins , minerals and vitamins of the B complex , which are required for good health .