Apple Cider Vinegar

In vinegar, especially in apple`s vinegar, there are great benefits. It lowers the level of fat in the blood. This can be achieved if with the spoon you take what remains in the dish (at the bottom) after eating lettuce.

This will dissolve the fat, because vinegar contains acetic acid. The main compound in the body that often comes into contact with protein, fat and carbohydrate is called acetoacetic acid and it can be intake in the body if the vinegar is regularly taken in the diet, or if one tablespoon of vinegar is melted in a glass of water, especially in the case of apple cider vinegar, because it is helpful for maintaining the level of fat in the body. Also, it reduces the risk of atherosclerosis (Clogged arteries), or it even completely prevent from this disease, because excess the excess fat turns into Acetoacetatic Acid which participates in the process of food burning.

Apple cider vinegar is the best, because it is mainly composed of acetic acid, and it also contains organic acids, which are necessary for the body to burn food, as well as it contains a number of minerals that are constantly needed by the organism.

The vinegar cleans the intestines from bacteria. Also, it eliminates the inflammation of kidney channels. It is also mentioned that vinegar dissolves pus which can be found in the urine. He also says that the vinegar used for the treatment of obesity by taking two tablespoons of vinegar with the appropriate amount of water daily. It is also mentioned, that it is also used to treat chronic headaches in a way that with it the forehead is massaged, i.e. a piece of cloth is taken, and then a solution is made by mixing  one third unit of vinegar and two-thirds units of water. This solution was also used for rinsing the throat and the esophagus.

One tablespoon of 6% vinegar is diluted in a large glass of water.