Never Again Warmed-over Food

There are many scientific proofs that indicate of the bad effects on all of us of consuming  microwave warmed food. This food damages the esophagus, disintegrating the tissue, or causing serious complications with kidneys function.

When someone feels hunger, this is an indicator that some number of cells into the system have died and the body must build a replacement. This can be done, and the cells can get reproduction by consuming fresh food. The microwave altered/heated food is lacking vitamins so the cells in the system can’t sustain cell reproduction. Such food is useless. Food that sustains is food that people can live on. However, the microwave altered/heated food just fills the hunger in our stomachs without sustaining life processes.

All the people, young and old, must remember one very important rule, already underlined before: WE MUST NOT USE MICROWAVE  WARMED FOOD, even if we’ve used it until now, we must stop this very moment and never use it in the future.

Microwave heated foods are nothing but useless non-foods. They may be something else, but not foodstuffs.